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CGHS is committed to delivering a high-quality education in both Limudei Kodesh and Limudei Chol, with a particular emphasis on skills-building and critical thinking. Our curriculum is designed to make our students more self-sufficient and to teach them to be independent thinkers.

Limudei Kodesh

CGHS offers a challenging Judaic studies curriculum that emphasizes skills-building and independent study. Our curriculum is designed to keep students engaged in the material and help them through the process of developing the crucial skills that lead to fully independent study.

Subjects Include:

  • Chumash

  • Parshah

  • Historia

  • Navi

  • Hebrew Language

  • Biur Tefillah 

  • Halachah

  • Tanya

  • Darchei HaChasiddus

  • Sicha

  • Inyonei Geulah U’Mashiach

  • Sha’as Chinuch

General Studies

Our comprehensive general studies department focuses on topics and materials that will be applicable to students now and in the future. The general studies curriculum adheres to Maryland State standards for a high school diploma and includes a variety of electives. This robust approach ensures that students are well-prepared for future academic and career opportunities.

Subjects Include:

  • Math

  • English 

  • Earth Science

  • Social Sciences

  • Physical Education

  • Computer Literacy

  • Data Management

  • Electives


Students at CGHS benefit from a vibrant extra-curricular program that enhances Chassidishe growth and achievement. 

Activities Include:

  • Shabbatons

  • Yoma D’Pagra Farbrengens and programs

  • Mivtzoim

  • Guest speakers

Daily Schedule

daily schedule
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