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CGHS Baltimore operates under the leadership of

Rabbi Nochum Katsenelenbogen, Shliach to Owings Mills, MD

Rabbi Kushi Schusterman, Shliach to Harford County, MD

Mrs. Sarah Schectman
Mrs. Sarah Schectman serves as the director of Chabad Girls High School (CGHS), a role she assumed on behalf of the founding parents. In her position, she is dedicated to ensuring that the school's mission is effectively imparted to each student, focusing on creating an environment where every student is given the opportunity to shine. Sarah oversees curriculum development and faculty, bringing her extensive experience in shlichus-related activities to enhance the educational experience.

Sarah excels as a family facilitator, adeptly bridging the needs and concerns of students, parents, and teachers. Sarah is focused on ensuring that CGHS maintains its commitment to excellence in both academic and personal development. In addition to her role as director, Sarah is active in running Chabad of White Marsh together with her husband, Tzvi and eight children.
Mrs. Chana Pewzner
Assistant Principal
Mrs. Pewzner’s comprehensive experience in Chinuch makes her an invaluable asset in the field of education. Mrs. Pewzner has a rich background in Chinuch. She has taught Middle and High School students at Bais Chana-LEC in Florida, Cheder in Yonkers, New York, and Beis Rivkah High School in Crown Heights.

Mrs Pewsner has extensive leadership experience serving for eight years as the principal of Cheder Chabad Baltimore, where she combined strong academic goals with the nurturing of Chassidishe values.

In addition to her teaching and administrative roles, Mrs. Pewzner has been actively involved in shlichus, focusing on education and family programs. She is recognized for challenging students to realize their potential while instilling Chassidishe values, especially during special programs celebrating Chassidishe Yomei Dipagra.
Mrs. Sarah Brody
Physical Education
Sarah is an exemplary stay-at-home mother of six, whose journey has instilled in her the importance of incorporating movement into everyday life. As a PE teacher, Mrs. Brody is driven by a profound mission: to deepen our הכרת הטוב to הקב״ה for our health and physical wellbeing. She skillfully merges her background in arts and illustration to create captivating infographics, enhancing the educational experience for her students.

With a fervent passion for health and wellness, Sarah adopts a dynamic approach to teaching. She is committed to exploring and sharing various methods of oxygenating the body, emphasizing the positive impacts on mental, emotional, and physical health. Her philosophy centers on fostering a positive, can-do mindset, emphasizing a holistic understanding of the body's needs for maintaining optimal health. Sarah's unique blend of artistic talent and health expertise makes her an inspiring figure in promoting a balanced and healthy lifestyle.
Mrs. Henya Kaminker
Historia, Darchei HaChassidus, Inyonei Geula U'Moshiach
Mrs Kaminker is passionate about bringing excitement to the girls she teaches. Her focus when teaching is building a connection to Yiddishkeit and Chassidishkeit through engaging lessons, and a warm and positive classroom dynamic.
Mrs Kaminker has extensive educational training at Bais Rivkah Seminary and other educational institutions. She has experience teaching at Bais Rivkah in Crown Heights as well as at Cheder Chabad in Baltimore.
Rabbi Elchonon Lisbon
Rabbi Elchonon Lisbon is a renowned torah scholar and spiritual leader. Rabbi Lisbon holds the esteemed position of Senior Rabbi at Baltimore's Kehillas Levi Yitzchok and serves as a dedicated Chabad emissary for Chabad of Park Heights. In addition to his role as a spiritual guide, he is also the founder of the Cheder Chabad of Baltimore Day School.

For over four decades, Rabbi Lisbon has been a stalwart pillar of the community, offering spiritual guidance, wisdom, and compassionate leadership. Rabbi Lisbon's commitment to Torah scholarship is evident in the profound impact he has had on the lives of those he serves, earning him widespread respect as a leader and authority in both his local and broader communities.
Rabbi Kushi Schusterman
Information Systems & Digital Data Skills
Rabbi Schusterman’s journey in technology began with youthful curiosity, leading to the deletion of Windows from his parents' computer. This ignited a passion for technology. Skilled in database architecture, Excel, and, Rabbi Schusterman creates engaging and practical learning environments. As a parent to eight, and an enthusiast of AI and emerging technologies, he serves as a Shliach in Harford County, Maryland, and holds leadership roles at Cheder Chabad of Baltimore and the Chabad Girls High School of Baltimore.
Mrs. Rivky Bukiet
Mrs Bukiet is passionate about learning and teaching Tanya. She has experience in teaching Chassidus to children and adults and is excited to teach it to young and impressionable high school girls.
Mrs Bukiet takes the transformative and essential lessons of Tanya and teaches in a way that the girls can connect to the lessons, and find them relevant and inspiring.
Mrs. Mussi Creimer
Earth Science
With over a decade of teaching experience, Mrs Creimer has honed a deep understanding of teaching different subjects to a wide range of age groups. Her teaching philosophy is rooted in the idea that learning is best done in a kind, caring environment that encourages creativity and inquiry, and she ensures that her students learn with all their senses, experiencing the lessons firsthand. One of her unique qualities is her background as a professional artist, which she uses to enhance her lessons. Mrs Creimer believes that all subjects can benefit from creativity, play, and experimentation.
Mrs. Miri Levin
Mrs Levin, a native of Eretz Yisrael, believes that a comprehensive knowledge in Hebrew dikduk and vocabulary can do wonders to a student’s ability to acquire knowledge in all areas of Torah, understanding the commentaries, as well as davening with kavanah.
With 13 years as a Judaic and Hebrew Language teacher, Mrs Levin has deep experience in providing her students with a better understanding of Hebrew. She also provides them with essential conversational Hebrew skills.
In addition to teaching at CGHS, Mrs Levin is the Chair of the department of Hebrew language at Beth Tfiloh Middle School and is a Hebrew Instructor at Towson University. She has a Bachelors in Bible and Judaic studies from Beis Rivkah Seminary and Michlala Yerushalayim and she is currently learning towards a Masters in Jewish education at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
Rabbi Tzvi Schectman
Computer Literacy & Productivity
Rabbi Schectman is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in web-related roles, primarily within Shlichus environments. He brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in digital marketing and project management, coupled with a special interest in fundraising development. His passion extends to enhancing the way Shluchim engage donors, notably through the innovative use of PhoneRaise technology. Rabbi Schectman is currently on Shlichus in White Marsh, Maryland, together with his wife Sarah and family.
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Rabbi Avraham Wolowik
Rabbi Avraham Wolowik brings over two decades of invaluable chinuch experience to his role, having served as a teacher, principal, and administrator. He is deeply involved in educational activities both as a teacher and an educational consultant.
Rabbi Wolowik's approach to teaching focuses on skill retention, independent learning, and critical thinking. His classes are designed to foster Yiras Shomayim, instilling in students the importance of midos tovos, hora’os b’avodas Hashem, and the ability to connect these timeless lessons with the modern-day life of a Chossid. Rabbi Wolowik's dedication as a Shliach of Chabad in Greengate and his commitment to education make him a respected figure in the realm of Jewish education.
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